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Auctus Business Consulting

Our Value Offer

At Auctus® we are convinced that there is more than one solution to the problems and opportunities that organizations face, so we have developed 5 strategic lines of specialty services that are designed tailormade to the context and culture of each company. Led by expert Consultants who will lead your organization, together with your team, to profitable growth.


Corporate Governance and Institutionalization

  • Configuration and design of the board and it’s committes
  • Reconcile a family protocol and / or social statutes
  • Advice and accompaniment as board independent directors
  • Maturity and institutionalization of a high – impact board

Strategic Planning and Due Diligence

  • Strategy definition workshops
  • Defining and exploring new markets
  • Unfold the new strategy to disciplined execution
  • Strategic & operational “due diligence” (valuation)

Lean Organization and Cost Reduction

  • Alignment of the organizational structure to the
  • Workload and Job positions value – added assessment
  • Organizational transition model by milestones

Commercial and Sales Management Tactic

  • Customer centric strategies / tactics
  • Extract value from the customer lifetime value (CLTV)
  • Sales force management, focused on results
  • Market research and go to market tactical model

SCM Synchronization and Lean Manufacturing

  • Waste removal / standardization scheme
  • Foster a continuous improvement culture (SDT)
  • SCM synchronization (efficiency & agility)
  • Visual factory real time enablement (IoT)

Enabling the Digital Transformation

  • Maturity accompaniment to become “4.0”
  • Real – time performance monitoring
  • Alignment of the E.A. to the strategy
  • Processes simplification and automation

The most successful organizations will be the ones that can synchronize in their work processes: efficiency, productivity, and agility. Automating and standardizing as much as possible, to focus talents on “learning and adding value”.

If you are interested in exploring any of these solutions, we offer you virtual advice at no cost, just leave us your information and one of our experts will contact you:

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