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Auctus Business Consulting


In the Agricultural Sector we find businesses related, directly or indirectly, to Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries.


  • “Seasonal” Farmers receiving economic subsidies but not technical support and the development / sharing of an adequate infrastructure in the field.
  • Logistical difficulty in getting products to the whole country in a timely manner and at low cost while maintaining the cold chain.
  • Growth for “organic” added value products due to consumer changes.
  • Pricing in the Market opportunity is very sensitive to supply and demand.
  • Restrictions in legislation to gain greater scale in operations and the need to manage agreements at the Federal, Municipal and Community level.


  • Feasibility analysis according to the overall cost of the Supply Chain and Logistics delivery.
  • Comprehensive Project Planning and the attraction of Funds.
  • Optimization of key processes using technology.
  • Intensive supervision and cost control.
  • System of Quality and Safety in Operations.
  • Innovation in the use of improved cultivation and harvesting techniques.


  • Lack of education and professionalism in staff and standardized systems for performing work activities.
  • Solutions and mainly empirical decisions without data support and analysis.
  • Difficult to assess the performance and specific cost per unit/piece of work.
  • Lack and Absence of equipment and infrastructure.


  1. Conduct a comprehensive planning scheme that applies to any new development from feasibility analysis to delivery to the customer / distributor;
  2. Document the work systems that summarize best practices of technical experts and provide a decision tree for 80/20 of the problems;
  3. Develop control and management processes that identify inputs and outputs of supplies by unit/cell/piece of work which allows for the assessment of profitability as well as the generation and capitalization of learning between work units; among others…