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Auctus Business Consulting

We Mean Grow ®


In the Education Sector we find organizations and institutions that offer Educational Services; Individual Measurement Programs, Businesses and Organizations; Remote Education (self-taught), etc.


  • Multiple participants with varying degrees of professionalism and presence being, for the most part, mono-centers. Several organizations in the medium and higher level without appropriate credentials for diplomas and certificates which they issue.
  • Evaluation and comparison of local, federal and international levels, on proper teaching at the elementary (Link Test) and secondary (Pisa test) level.
  • Saturation in the supply for SEL children A and B as well as a lack of differentiation and communication in the supply for those C and D.


  • Strategic definition and Businesses Plan (3-5-10 years).
  • Definition of supply for Base and Specialty Programs.
  • Planning, allocation and budgetary control
  • External communication Model and real estate prospecting.
  • Quality Management Model aligned with policy/institutional requirements and best practices.


  • Online education through the WEB and development of skills among the educators.
  • Clear differentiation to capture and develop different niche markets.
  • Adapting mid-upper level programs with the labor supply of the area-region aligning the curriculum to the current and future needs of the businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • Cause-effect linkage between objectives / commitments and KPIs for each department.
  • Leveraging of Mass Media to reinforce the image and communicate the achievement of the objectives outlined
  • Parental demand for greater contact and visibility of the children’s academic and psychological progress.


  1. Define the overall strategy, distribute the Business Plan among leaders and develop a supply of ad-hoc programs in line with the needs in the operating areas;
  2. Define a comprehensive communication strategy outwardly from the organization simultaneously leveraging from different medias;
  3. Develop a comprehensive management model, processes and outcomes, to ensure compliance with the base requirements as well as the achievements of the most challenging goals proposed and / or committed to stakeholders;
  4. Formalize the operation model and real estate prospection, to enable the budgeted growth/expansion; among others…