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Auctus Business Consulting

We Mean Grow ®

Commercialization (Retail)

In the Commerce and Wholesale Distribution Sector, we find Distributors, Supermarkets, Department Stores, Convenience Stores, Business representatives, etc.


  • Growing concentration of key players in the Modern Channel.
  • Disappearance of less suitable intermediaries or those without economies of scale.
  • Direct and comparative competition of prices between establishments.
  • Fear of imported products, even if it is very profitable because of the risk of inventory liquidation.


  • Category Management, Shopper Marketing & User Experience.
  • Supplier Management, Inventory and Supply to POS.
  • Campaigns/promotions planning and management.
  • Managing sales floor and advised selling & customer service.


  • Differentiation in POS with a focus on consumer experience.
  • Profitability of product families and spaces.
  • Differential Management of new and basic as well as seasonal / campaign products.
  • Development of middle managers POS management (regional and local).
  • Parameterization of origin in databases, and pragmatic as well as clear interpretation for decision making by subject and accountability (“Big Data” Models).
  • Growth and presence in medium-sized cities, with an efficient supply chain.


  1. Profile customers served segment and develop purchasing “experiences” that contribute to an increase in traffic and the average ticket;
  2. Improve commercial effectiveness with advanced collaboration and promotion schemes with suppliers in POS;
  3. Develop intelligent models of replenishment and preventive rotation/liquidation of inventory with little or no movement;
  4. Strengthen prospecting and development model which enables growth with competitiveness; among others…