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Auctus Business Consulting

We Mean Grow ®

General Services

In the General Services Sector we find Cargo or Passenger Transportation; Courier and Parcel; Storage; Professional Services; Customer Service Centers; Call Centers; Water supply, waste management and remediation/recovery; Cleaning Services; Customs; Outsourcing; Recruitment and Staff Selection, etc.


  • High fragmentation of suppliers with different levels of professionalism as well as fierce price competition by price and service.
  • A regional presence of service providers that do not allow the servicing of accounts at the national level.
  • Corporate accounts that are difficult to access as they have global service contracts provided by certain (preferred) companies.
  • In passenger transport, high fixed operating costs and the need to continually streamline routes and loads to achieve profitability.


  • Strategic definition and articulation of value procedures for users / clients
  • Standardization of procedures and supplies (protocolization for franchises)
  • Sales and recruitment process as well as aftermarket sales
  • Service evaluation (client word of mouth) and “crisis” management (bad experiences)


  • Contract agreements that do not conform to the particular needs and variations among the different prospects, hindering the quotation and the level of service to be offered.
  • Difficulty in differentiating and effectively communicating the offer to the client.
  • Communication failures between clients and the provider for lack of contact guidance refered to by problem/issue.
  • Lack of professionalism and standardization in service delivery
  • Continually evaluate clients / users satisfaction and share results and progress with the leader / contractor to build loyalty.


  1. Design modular service proposals so the client can decide the level of integration that they require (add-ins) and quote as well as specify the offer to meet their specific needs;
  2. Define the service KPI´s and agree upon objectives with the customers (SLA’s) holding sessions and periodic communications to go over results and trends;
  3. Design contact/communication schemes for clients/users according to issues to be resolved;
  4. Design and enable an “Efficient Costumer Response” which allows for assignment, tracking and the resolving of observed events in a timely and professional manner; among other things…