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Auctus Business Consulting

We Mean Grow ®

Financial and Banking

In the financial sector, we find companies dedicated to Banking, Insurance, Sofomes (Multiple Purpose Financial Company or SOFOMES for its initials in Spanish), Public / Private Finance Institutions, Investment Funds, etc.


  • High competition with international and national players.
  • Commoditization of the offering / overlapping among products and services.
  • Opportunity differentiation for Customers and decreased “switch” cost, related to new local and international regulations.
  • High costs of regulatory compliance that does not contribute positively to the P&L.
  • Increases in the cost of “serving” that do not contribute directly or in proportion to the growth and / or the profitability.


  • Financial hedging to offer products with very competitive rates in the long run.
  • Analysis of the information and adjustment of the portfolio offering (Big Data Analysis).
  • Development, Professionalization and Management of the Sales Channel and the processes that serve those channels.
  • Massive but flexible operations, with shared information across processes, supported  with Contact / Call centers.
  • Marketing campaigns with effective communication.
  • Accounts receivables collection management.
  • Credit origination and lending with adequate and predictive risk measurement.


  • Retention and fidelity strategies, as well as targeted cross-selling to the end client.
  • Service level agreements under the internal customer-supplier philosophy (back-front office processes).
  • Eliminate bureaucracy in processes and decision-making.
  • Comprehensive care of the client seeking to place different products and services.
  • Keeping incidences of non performing loans (NPL) parameters within visibility throughout the entire process: Extrajudicial and Judicial.
  • Parametrization of origin in databases, and pragmatic as well as clear interpretation for decision making by subject and accountability (“Big Data” Models).
  • Gain specific certifications to run and manage funds in state-owned companies and within the Public Sector.


  • Understand what the customer acknowledges as “value” and differentiate into “delivery” in different portfolios of products and services;
  • Linking cross-selling products based on patterns of use with technology support in a simple way;
  • Simplify the procurement of products and services;
  • Robust and systematic risk management under suitable and focused parametrization;
  • Variable payments schemes to promote a results oriented culture and achieve goals; among others…