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Auctus Business Consulting

We Mean Grow ®

Leisure and Entertainment

In the Leisure and Entertainment Sector, we find businesses and organizations related to Music, Film, Radio and Television; Hospitality and Tourism; Gambling and Events; Amusement parks; Food Services and Franchises, etc.


  • Few participants with aggressive expansion initiatives, continually changing competitive conditions at the local and regional level.
  • Ever increasing requirements for regulations/compliance with multiple authoritative bodies / auditors / regulators.
  • Changes in regulations that simultaneously create opportunities and risks for different operators.
  • Difficulty in managing expectations of the different stakeholders involved.


  • Strategic definition and articulation of value processes for users / clients.
  • Planning, allocation and budgetary control
  • Communication Model internally and externally / customers loyalty programs.
  • Franchises model with comprehensive support and follow-up (pre-assessment, goal consensus, “turnkey” start and “ramp-up” operation).


  • Clear strategic definition, defining limits scheme where one should seek to promote the innovations directly from the business line.
  • Cause-effect linkage between objectives / commitments and KPIs for each area.
  • Build a solid and attractive identity simultaneously for multiple target markets, generating profitability and loyalty without losing focus.
  • Target effectively the Non-Customers and increase the market size.


  1. Redefine the market size fulfilling differentially the needs of actual customers, as well as targeting and attracting non-customers effectively;
  2. Define the model or managerial control framework with which the various initiatives will be evaluated for approval and that will seek to focus on innovation;;
  3. Segment target markets and develop an attractive proposition for each, alternating these with campaigns throughout the year and allocate “more attractive” spaces to the most profitable areas;
  4. Formalize the space / events prospect model, the operation and the delivery of value to the customer / user in order to enable the franchise model or peripheral node; among others …