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Auctus Business Consulting

We Mean Grow ®

Public Sector and Nonprofit Organizations

In the Public Sector and Nonprofit Organizations we find institutions and governmental agencies in their various categories; Citizens Advice, Business and Employers’ Organizations of Private Enterprise; Trade Unions; Social Assistance; Public Services; NGOs, etc.


  • Demand for transparency and ongoing communication of achievements and tangible progress to all stakeholders.
  • Ever increasing requirements for regulations/compliance with multiple authoritative bodies / auditors / regulators.
  • Growing number of participants who apply and compete for available budgets and / or financing.
  • Difficulty in managing expectations of different stakeholders involved.


  • Strategic definition and articulation of value processes for users / clients.
  • Planning, allocation and budgetary control.
  • Management of key indicators and government / campaign commitments.
  • Internal Management Model (Quality) aligned with internal and external compliance requirements.


  • Definition of the main objectives and alignment of all members.
  • Simplification / integration of regulatory requirements into a single management model.
  • Cause-effect linkage between objectives / commitments and KPIs for each area.
  • Leveraging of Mass Media to reinforce the image and communicate the achievement progress of the objectives outlined.


  1. Define the overall strategy, missions by area and unfold them into functional plans;
  2. Define the comprehensive communication strategy within and outside the organization;
  3. Develop a comprehensive management model of processes and outcomes to ensure simultaneous compliance of the base requirements as well as the achievement of the most challenging goals set and / or committed stakeholders; among others…