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Auctus Business Consulting

Telecommunications and Technology

In the Telecommunications Sector we find businesses dedicated to Electronic data processing and information hosting; Software Development; Development of Telecommunications Equipment, etc.


  • Few manufacturers competing in price and / or technological progress.
  • Many distributors and / or commercial representatives, in which not all offer the same value-added or operate with the same work methodology.
  • Acquisition processes increasingly demanding on the part of institutional and private clients which require greater involvement and manufacturer warranties on implementation and support processes.


  • Collaborated Sales Projects (Manufacturer and Sales Channel).
  • Development, Professionalization of the Sales Channel.
  • Support and Maintenance for Solutions and Infrastructure (Key Accounts and SME´s).
  • Comprehensive Customer Service and Key Account Management.


  • Difficulty in identifying and effectively communicating the offer to SME clients;
  • Align and coordinate efforts to split the execution of the business plan with the Sales Channel in a systematic and effective manner;
  • Agility in providing timely and professional service and support to SME clients and users;
  • Improve coordination and commercial effectiveness between representatives and engineers.


  1. Define a differential service and offer added value by customer type, with centralized traceability on its compliance;
  2. Identify development (geographic) poles and proactively develop representative posts;
  3. Classify the Sales Channel, not only by Sales Volume but by the maturity of their sales processes, administration and support;
  4. Develop “learning cases” (business cases) where different situations are simulated in the commercial process or maintenance / support which develop decision criteria according to manufacturer guidelines; among others…